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Mari Poisson. My First Day in Britain

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I got up very early on my first morning in Britain. It happened naturally, because the time in our country and in London is running in different zones. The difference is really big: two hours. It means that I had two additional hours in my life this remarkable morning. I got up, took a shower, put on my long warm bath-robe, which I had brought with me from Lithuania, and returned to my bed. I opened a slim blue notebook, which I had bought the last day before in the airport for 20 pence. I think, it was allot for pupils, because on its cover was printed a lot simple word “Exercises”. I had decided to use it as my diary. However I had no plans, and no ideas, and no dreams, I wrote only the date: 29 03 2006.


To tell the truth, it was not the first, but the second my day in Britain. True first day was one day before – in 28 03 2006. But it was all used for travelling and I was really tired by it. Without a doubt, I was really, really tired and unhappy. It was clear, I was tired because I was caught up by the fear of the future. Later, after two years living in London, I accidentally found that the 28th of March was my wedding day. Magical coincidence, isn’t it?


My husband was asleep in bed by my side. He was tiny, weak and feeble. I woke him at eight o’clock. Our house owners had been left for their jobs at that time and we were all alone in the house. I made some simple breakfast for the two of us. We ate and went into the garden. We’d never been in an English house before and in the twinkling of an eye we fell in love with it. We wanted to have an English house one beautiful day as our own. It was our firs dream in Britain.


At ten o’clock we went into the street. We asked the way to a library. We found it easily, because library was placed in the Town Hall. I had learned some phrases from books and   tried to speak in English for the first time in my life. I asked about registration, but the librarian answered than she couldn’t do this for me, because I hadn’t a proof. There was no way I could understand what that word  proof  meant. I insisted on some help and she agreed to go and speak with her manager about temporary permission for me. After some minutes, she returned and let me use the computer upstairs, in the reading room. It was very good for me, because the internet in the library was free. The librarians name was Brigit and she asked me to say four numbers as a password for the computer. I never forgot her name and four numbers, which I accidentally named. She was the first real English person in my life and the number, I found it later, was really magical. When I received my first English bank cart, the same combination of numbers was sent to me as the tax machine secret pin code. I can’t believe it until today.


We booked the internet for the next day and went to the shops. We bought two pillows and a pack of Columbian coffee. On this time I was totally exhausted. I was happy my husband was by my side, because I was absolutely not sure I would be able to reach my new home or not. My husband took me home, made Columbian coffee for me and put to bed. I didn’t remember what happened later. Perhaps nothing happened later. Perhaps only I droped off to sleep and my first day in Britain was over earlier than no one day in the world. However it was a good, really beautiful start and a memorable day.

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